It’s all problems but what specifically are the most relevant problems for you?

Life is busy for most of us. All of us have a monster to do list. I am sure you can think of a million things that need doing. A million problems that need fixing.

Imagine that there are a group of people in the middle of a big forest. They need to clear a path. They are very good at chopping trees. So what do they do? Yes, you’ve guessed it they start chopping. After a few hours a small voice can be heard.

‘Where are we going?’

‘Shut up and keep chopping.’ Another replies.

Now imagine if one of them had a drone with a camera on. They flew that camera above the trees. What would it show them? What if the forest continued 100 miles north and 1 mile south, do you think this might alter how they work?

This little thought experiment helps to illustrate the importance of considering the ‘Big Picture’ or your ‘Vision’ about how you would like your life to be. What do you want? What do you value? Who are the people you want to be spending your time with? What does success mean for you? If making a difference is important to you. What would that look like? Do you need money? How much money?

It’s not so difficult to draw learning from the woods and the drone thought experiment. For example, isn’t it true that we can be so busy reacting to life that we never take a moment to consider what we actually want? Or maybe we have considered what we want but we never get round to take any action because other things get in the way.

Now I would like you to consider another make-believe situation. You are going for a walk in a national park. You have never been there before. You get dropped in the middle of that park by helicopter. You are given a map. Now this might seem bizarre, but what if you could not decide in what direction to head? How useful would the map be?

When you decide to make a change in life; it can be so helpful not only to create a Vision but also to take the time and reflect on it being the Right Vision for us.