Is this right for me?

Ultimately you decide what happens next. Your life is shaped by the choices you make. So you have a choice to make.

It is likely you have mixed feelings about starting counselling.  Perhaps you have got a sense that life is not as you would like and you feel like something has to change.

Maybe you are hopeful about the possibility of that change happening. However it’s also likely that you might be fearful and uncertain and wondering if this counselling thing is really worth the risk.

I remember from my own experiences having counselling- how I felt. There were a lot of unknowns. So many wordless questions coursing through my veins. Will this person like me? Will they feel angry at me and judge me? Can i risk showing them parts of me that i am strongly invested in keeping hidden.

Will this person run a mile- if they discover who i really am?

These fears are not unusual. The Good News is that over time i discovered that yes I could and that having counselling is worth the uncertainty that often accompanies opening your self to a transformative relationship.