Data Protection

I am required by law to be compliant with recent changes to the Data Protection   law (GDPR)  taking place from May the 25th  2018.

So you are informed i have decided to devote this page to making you aware of:

  1. The process we need to go through for you to give consent for me to hold data on you. 
  2. The actual data that I will ask for and what it is used for. 
  3. Your rights 
  4. How your data is protected. 

1- The nature of counselling does require  that we have a contract for working together. This will be carried out face to face. This will contain a request for some personal data from you. You do not have to give your consent at this point however this will mean that no professional service can be provided. For safety reasons i do require basic contact details to be held during counselling.

Any information that i obtain outside of this contract will be deleted. (for example an email enquiry)

2- I will ask for, your name , address, email, and phone number.  I will also hold notes of our sessions together.

The I intend to use this data to contact you about our appointments and any courses i might be offering. I will use your notes so that i can provide the best service i can for you.

Your information will not be shared with a 3rd party.

Except if you were attending a course that was being delivered by myself and a colleague.

3- Your rights – You have the right to erasure; that is you can ask for your data to be deleted. You also have the right to access the data that I keep. Finally you have the right to portability; that is you can request information that i keep be given to a 3rd party.

I have the right to refuse requests for your data when: If i needed to comply with a legal obligation, as a legal defence  or in the case of public interest.

Your data will be  stored in a locked cabinet and any electronic information will be held under password protection.