How I Work

My own experiences of therapy have taught me that my own change and growth became possible when i could open and relax into a felt sense of trust and safety.

I appreciate that if you are struggling now or have suffered in the past- to open yourself up to- and risk trusting another, might bring mixed feelings of hope and fear. Yet, to take a step into the unknown is the invitation and challenge of therapy.

I have been a client; in my experience the risk i took set out upon the adventure of counselling has been an acceptable one and the rewards are great.

Together we will co-create a Therapeutic Relationship. From a counselling perspective any difficulty that we bring to the therapy room has its roots some relational difficulty-broken trust.

Simply the therapeutic  relationship is the element that heals that rift. It allows you to re-discover your connection with yourself and others. It provides a nourishing alternative to endless self-criticism. Finally it gives you permission to claim your natural self confidence and live your life in harmony with what you truly value.

The Hero of any Story at some point stands on a threshold. A simple choice do they refuse the call and return to life as they know it? Or, do they step into a new world and begin their adventure? This is how i have always seen my own journey as a client and this gives some flavour of what might be ahead for you.

So the choice is yours.

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£50 hour

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