Wellbeing Coaching

Discovering choice.

Change is a certainty of life. However sometimes making a personal change can be difficult. It is true that most of us have felt stuck at certain points in our life. Maybe you have a project that you can’t get of the ground. Or your struggling to change a negative habit. Maybe your stuck in a situation that just seems to repeat over and over. If so then perhaps using NLP; Neurolinguistic Programming will help you make changes in your life.

NLP is a set of skills and techniques for creating more choice in life. It works on the basic assumptions that its not that people are stuck but that it is the maps (their ways of thinking and perceiving the world) they use that limit them and the choices that are possible for them.

If you are motivated to change and willing to take the personal responsibility required to make the change then NLP and coaching could be for you.

I usually coach in blocks of 6 at £50 per 1 hour session